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FanciNails Gel Polishes

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Gel Polish
Gel polishes that last for 2 weeks

Provides a beautiful scratch resistant shine that lasts for 2 weeks.
Easy to apply and remove.
Self levelling, durable and shiny.
Large availability of colours - currently over 70 in stock.
More colours on the way.
Range also includes shimmers and glitters.

Application involves the use of base coat, colour and top coat.
Comes in 15 ml bottles for extra value.
Cures using your UV lamp or a LED lamp (for quicker results).

Suitable for nail technicians and manicurists.
Get details here of what items you'll need as a starter kit.
Then call (02) 6162 1950 for more information and to place your order.
Online ordering will be available shortly - REGISTER NOW.
This offer is available only to Australian salon professionals and nail technicians.